‘Vocational’ refers to something that is related to work. Vocational qualifications are being pursued by many students in today’s times and a lot of jobs are being created in this sector with employers wanting employees with strong foundation skills. VET is much-in-demand because the need of the hour is to be familiar with work environments and develop workplace-specific skills and this is what Vocational Education and Training revolves around. Most people living in Australia opt for VET. It leads to development of skilled personnel and helps individuals to be updated with the dynamic work environment, changing technology, availing opportunities and many other challenges at workplace. Vocational Education and Training is regulated and recognised by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). Individuals after completion of this training are able to directly apply the practical skills acquired by them during the training process and work. VET encourages individuals to pursue careers in the fields that interest them. TAFE (Technical and Further Education)-a government institution, is the largest provider of such Vocational Education and Training (VET) and the fields that it covers include hospitality, management, accounting, business, plumbing, etc. Unlike other academic qualifications, VET is more of a practical and skill oriented process. The pre-requisite for those willing to pursue Vocational qualifications is completion of at least year 10 in Australia. www.majesticpapers.com/. However, it may vary in some cases. The amount spent on education also gets comparatively reduced as these are direct job-ready qualifications with a limited area of study. Vocational education and Training is ideal for those who wish to direct their qualifications to be based entirely on the field that they wish to pursue and not have an entire academic overview. It is provided by experienced professionals who have thorough practical knowledge in their respective areas of expertise. What sets students who have pursued Vocational training apart from the other crowd of students is the fact that they have practical, on-the-job training and specialisation in a field of study. Existing employees willing to brush up their technical knowledge and skills may also choose to opt for Vocational Training. Generation of skilled manpower has become possible primarily due to Vocational educational and training.

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