Five reasons why Vocational Training is right for you.

It can be daunting to choose the right training at any stage of life. Whether you are fresh out of high school or considering a career change. Obviously, the main goal is investing in the right education that will prepare you for an ever-changing and competitive job market. Vocational education is designed to equip you with the workplace-specific skills and knowledge for a relatively affordable cost and can be completed in a shorter period of time than university studies. The gray is hard to read against the white background and is slowing me down. Below are the 5 reasons why vocational training might be the right path to your stellar career.

1. Diplomas make you Job ready

Many vocational training programs are created to provide job specific skills that are needed in the industry to make you job ready. The hands on approach allows students to immerse themselves in the work environment even before the training is completed. So, if you are the type of person who enjoys learning by doing rather than theory based knowledge, vocational training might be your best choice.

2. Better Career prospects

With a training that makes you job ready it goes without saying that you are more likely to land that job you want as you are more competent and confident than your competition. In fact statistics demonstrate that vocational training is associated with. It should also be noted that increasingly many occupations require post-school qualifications such as. If you prefer being your own boss, there are possibilities of starting your own business depending on your industry of choice.

3. Earning a good income

Gone are the days when only people with degrees could make good money. Ask tradies and they will often tell you that when it comes to salary, they do not envy degree holders. Check the story of who, back in 2015 earned more as a self-employed tradie than she did as a political adviser. She even had plans of taking on another trade qualification to increase her income. Many tradies will tell you that her story isn’t an isolated case. More than money, trades have another appeal: ‘job satisfaction’: you usually have control over the number of hours you work and can see the results of your work often on a daily basis.

4. Flexibility: Time and money

At a college or university you have to wait for 3 years or more before you even consider applying for any job. Perhaps a training with a shorter scope would be great for you so that you start earning sooner rather than later. Many vocational training programs are flexible. Depending on how much the student invests, it is possible to complete the qualification is a relatively short period of time. If you have a job and wish to get another qualification while you learn, worry no more, many diploma or certificate courses can be combined with full time employment.

5. Diploma usually do not have a lot of prerequisites

Some VET courses have no special. This means, these courses are open even to those who did not complete secondary studies. If you want to have a hobby, or another dream you wish to pursue, why not make it another income generating activity? With no entry requirements all you need is interest and the will to learn.

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