Addressing the rising demand of vocational qualifications in India

India’s workplace culture seems to be changing just like it is happening all over the world. Employers in Indian companies are searching for employees who are skilled more than they are qualified because what is ultimately required for performing work, is the skills. So, skill development is the most emphasised factor for job seekers, irrespective of the job type they are performing. Creativity, technical skills, effective communication, personality development- vocational education and training help in developing all of it!

McKkr’s TAFE Training Pvt. Ltd. opens its doors in Ahmadabad with a number of other campuses to open across India, very soon. McKkr’s TAFE Training brings the much-in-demand Australian TAFE qualifications to India, in partnership with Hunter TAFE NSW. So now, sitting across the campuses in India, students would be able to receive the world-class studying experience brought in from Australia. Vocational Qualifications are the choice of most students these days for many reasons. One is that vocational qualifications can be completed in shorter durations as against other degree programs. Besides, vocational education and training emphasises on the development of one type of skill, instead of a broad study base. So, the specialisation that vocational education brings is something that everyone looks for. meet here. McKkr’s TAFE Training shall aid the process of building a skilled India. What sets McKkr’s apart is the fact that McKkr’s shall help the students to be ready to work before they complete their respective vocational qualification. There are a variety of disciplines in which McKkr’s makes available the vocational qualifications in. Students are free to choose any of the disciplines that they are willing to pursue as a career. The curriculum of every qualification offered at McKkr’s TAFE Training is as per Hunter TAFE NSW and the assessment of the courses is also conducted by Hunter TAFE. Basically, students of McKkr’s TAFE Training in India shall be registered students of Hunter TAFE NSW. Vocational Education and Training exposes students to the workplace culture and environment during their study. Practical skill development is also an important part of it. Vocational Education can help students to shape a career of their dreams and be specialized in skills. So, students are making the right choice for a successful career.

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