Terms and Conditions

1. Entry requirements

1.1  Age

Minimum Age: 18 Years

1.2 Academic Requirements

Completion of Higher Secondary School Certificate or with special approval from Hunter TAFE where a prospective student may not have completed Higher Secondary School Certificate but may be considered for enrolment on the basis of relevant industry experience subject to meeting other entry requirements

1.3 English Requirements

Applicants must also meet the English language requirements to be eligible to be offered a place. You can meet this by providing any one of the following evidences.

- an Academic IELTS test score of 5.5 or equivalent;

- successful completion of standalone English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students (ELICOS);

- completion of at least five years’ study in one or more of the following countries: Australia, UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, or the Republic of Ireland;

- evidence of study in English language at secondary level for a cumulative period of 5 years where the assessments have also been conducted in English language;

- assessment of English language ability equivalent of IELTS test score of 5.5 by Hunter TAFE

2. Course Duration

2.1 A Standard Term consists of 11 teaching weeks delivered face-to-face, ending with two weeks of break for the following Term.

2.2 All Diploma qualifications have four terms

3. Changes to Services

McKkr's TAFE Training reserves the right to:

3.1 run or withdraw any course

3.2 hold a course at a Campus other than that advertised

3.3 alter the times or dates for the whole or any part of the course

3.4 offer you a new/alternate qualification when needed or if the qualification has been updated in line with Australian National Vocational Education and Training Regulators. If any of these course changes become necessary, you will be advised of the changes and the alternative arrangements which may be available for you to complete your course.

3.5 change particulars of the services it offers including changes to fees and charges, courses, facilities and dates of various events including classes where circumstances necessitate such changes

3.6 When a course is superseded, the students will be transitioned to the replacement qualification within one year from the date the replacement qualification is released

3.7 The unit(s) of competency may change for a course as per the requirement under Australian Qualification Framework. If this happens, the student will have to complete the replacement (new) unit(s) of competency.

4. Fees and Refunds

4.1 Fees:

Following is the current fees structure and list of charge(s) that a student may incur during the term of study.

Course Fees for all Diploma courses:

Terms 4
Fees per term Rs. 1 Lac
Total Course Fees Rs. 4 Lacs

Additional Charges:

Prospectus Rs. 500
Application Fees Rs. 5,000
TAFE English Assessment Test Rs. 5,000
McKkr’s TAFE Training English language course* Rs. 5,000 (per month)
Reassessment Fees per unit of competency** Rs. 5,000
Repeat study of unit of competency*** Rs. 40,000
Industry Visits and participation in networking events To be advised
English Language proficiency courses during Diploma Free
Personality and Career Development courses Free
Resume Writing, Interview skills and Job Preparation Free
Career and Education Counselling Free
Assistance in enrolment for further studies overseas by experienced consultants Free
Material Fees (if applicable) To be advised

*     Minimum three months
**   Maximum of two resubmissions
*** After two resubmissions

4.1.1 The course fees of Rs. Four Lacs for all Diploma qualifications shall be paid in four equal instalments of Rs. One Lac each

4.1.2 The first instalment will need to be paid in order to confirm enrolment and receive the full Offer Letter.

4.1.3 Your enrolment is not complete and you are not entitled to attend classes until you have paid the required fees.

4.1.4 Students can avail 10% discount on the total fees if the complete course fees is paid upfront – Rs. 4 Lacs for Diploma programs.

4.1.5 McKkr's TAFE Training students will be charged the applicable fees as determined and advised at the time of enrolment

4.1.6 An Academic year is divided into four Terms of three months each. Two Terms make up a Semester

4.1.7 Non-payment of fees or failure to agree suitable terms of payment will result in:

- assessments not being processed; or

- certificates and transcripts not being released; and/or

- physical access to the course being denied;

4.1.8 The fees covers the student’s first attempt at the Units of Competency, and separate additional fees will be charged for any subsequent attempts as determined by McKkr's TAFE Training and advised to students

4.1.9 McKkr's TAFE Training has a policy of cashless enrolment at all times and will NOT accept cash as a means of paying fees or any other enrolment-related charges. Fees can only be paid by Direct Bank Transfer:

Account Name:
McKkr’s TAFE Training Pvt Ltd

Indian Overseas Bank

Account no:

IFSC Code:

Please quote your full name as reference when doing the fund transfer and send the proof of payment to tafe@mckkrs.com

4.1.10 All student fees and charges are reviewable and are subject to change. Any such changes will be available on our website.

4.1.11 The first payment is due when you apply which is 25% of the total tuition fees. The remaining 75% of the course fees is payable in three equal instalments at the beginning of each of the remaining 3 terms starting from 2nd term. The fees is payable before the commencement of classes in each term.

4.1.12 Additional charges may apply to your course in case you choose any optional resources essential for your study that become your property such as additional library resources.

4.1.13 Where a student is deemed not yet competent in a unit of competency, the student will be able to resubmit the assessment task once. The reassessment fees of Rs. 5000 for each unit of competency will apply.

4.1.14 If a student fails in the second reassessment attempt, the student will be required to study the unit of competency again. In this case, a fees of Rs. 40,000 per unit of competency will apply.

4.1.15 Late payment fees of Rs 200 per day will apply, calculated from the day of commencement of classes in each term.

4.2 Refunds:

4.2.1 90% refund is payable if the student withdraws at least 4 weeks prior to commencement of the Term

4.2.2 50% refund is payable if the student withdraws between 4 weeks prior to the commencement of the Term and the census date (two weeks after the commencement of the term) of the relevant qualification, which is two weeks from the commencement date

4.2.3 no refund is payable if the student withdraws after the census date (two weeks after the commencement of the term)

4.2.4 If for any reason the management cancels a course it will refund the full fees paid by the student

4.2.5 Refunds will normally be paid by cheque within 28 days of authorisation of refund

4.2.6 Student must complete the qualification within 2 years of registration in a particular training package, else all fees paid will lapse (this is not applicable if a qualification is transitioning from one training package to another)

4.2.7 If a student’s enrolment is cancelled by McKkr’s TAFE Training due to the student’s breach of Terms and Conditions and Student Conduct, no refund of the fees paid will be refunded.

5. Enrolment procedures and Timeline

Step 1 Visit Campus and attend a counselling session -
Step 2 Pay for the Prospectus and Application form -
Step 3 Submit application and documents with Application fees -
Step 4 Receive Conditional offer letter from McKkr’s TAFE Training in India Within 7 working days
Step 5 Meet the conditions and pay for your tuition fees -
Step 6 Receive full offer letter from McKkr’s TAFE Training in India Within 7 days of receipt of payment by McKkr’s TAFE Training in India
Step 7 Receive online access to Student Portal of Hunter TAFE in Australia On commencement of the first term during student orientation
Step 8 Commence classes -
Step 9 Census date Two weeks after commencement of classes in each term
Step 10 Receive confirmation of enrolment from Hunter TAFE in Australia Within 4 weeks of completion of Census date
Step 11 Receive TAFE Student ID from Hunter TAFE in Australia Within 4 weeks of completion of Census date


6. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) / Credit Transfer (CT)

6.1 Students are encouraged to apply for RPL/ CT as part of their application. Any such application for RPL/ CT has to be made within fourteen days of the commencement of their course for it to be considered. Successful application may reduce duration of the course.

6.2 Hunter TAFE has an RPL Policy which can be obtained by requesting a McKkr’s TAFE Training officer or by visiting the website of Hunter TAFE.

7. Induction

7.1 Your participation in the Induction program is compulsory. During induction, you will be explained terms and conditions in detail. You will also know about RPL policy, creating your USI number, refund policy, student’s rights and responsibilities, attendance procedures, assessment procedures, competency based learning, Australia’s regulatory system, Language, Literacy and numeracy support available to you, Australian Qualification Framework, industry visits, networking events, any questions you may have, harassment free environment, privacy policy, complaint procedures etc.

8. Resources required

8.1 Students are expected to buy a laptop and bring to Campus for studies.

9. Student Card

9.1  The TAFE NSW Student Card is a compulsory form of identification at campuses in India. Your enrolment is not complete until you receive your TAFE NSW Student Card issued by Hunter TAFE in Australia with your photograph. Please keep your Hunter TAFE Student Card safe, as it is an important form of authentication of your enrolment with TAFE NSW in Australia.

10. Student Portal

10.1 You will be given a username and password to access Student Portal to access various resources online when you enrol. You can access your profile, your courses, units of competency, upload assessment tasks, and more at your convenience.

11. Fast-track option

11.1 Where feasible student will be given a fast-track option to complete their enrolled course quicker. In certain cases, it may be possible to complete one-year Diploma programs in six months under the fast track option. In the fast-track option, duration of each term is reduced to half (1.5 months) of the normal term (3 months).

12. Change of Course/ Campus

12.1 Students can apply for change of course after commencement in a particular course. Transfer of credits to the new course may apply, if applicable. One time non-refundable fees of Rs. 5,000 will apply to applications for change of course or campus.

13. Responsibilities and delegations

13.1 Students’ responsibilities and obligations

13.1.1 Making required payment for fees and additional costs by the due date/s; and

13.1.2 Providing formal written notice of withdrawal and request for refund, if applicable

13.1.3 You must notify McKkr’s TAFE Training about any changes to your address, phone numbers and email addresses and any other changes in circumstances, within 7 days

13.1.4 You must maintain 80% attendance and satisfactory course progress. If you fail to do so, you will have to attend counselling sessions with the Students Services department. If you fail to meet this requirement, McKkr’s TAFE training reserves the right to cancel your enrolment. If the cancellation of enrolment happens, no refund of fees will be applicable.

13.1.5 By enrolling in the course, the student confirms their financial capacity to pay for the due fees and charges on time.

13.1.6 The student is subject to the requirements of the Hunter TAFE’s Student’s Code of Conduct and must comply with McKkr’s TAFE Training’s registration conditions and requirements as per this document.

13.1.7 The student must meet course requirements.

13.1.8 The student must not engage in any activity that may endanger their safety or the safety of any other person.

13.1.9 The student must notify McKkr’s TAFE Training immediately if they terminate their studies, withdraw from their course or would like to defer their course. McKkr’s TAFE Training reserves their right to accept or refuse any such request.

13.1.10 The student so far as relevant will ensure compliance of these Terms and Conditions.

13.1.11 Any breach of these Terms and Conditions may result in the termination of the student’s enrolment and no refund of any fees and charges paid will be applicable.

13.1.12 McKkr’s TAFE Training reserves the right to vary or reverse any decision regarding your application if the information provided is found to be incorrect, incomplete, misleading or fraudulent.

13.1.13 The student must not misuse the online portal or resources or any facilities provided by McKkr’s TAFE Training or they have access to.

13.1.14 The student is required to:

- Be aware of their responsibilities in regard to plagiarism and consequences arising thereof

- Submit all assessment tasks as their own work and use references appropriately where required

- Submit all assessment tasks on time

13.1.15  The student must familiarise themselves with Hunter TAFE Student Handbook available on McKkr’s TAFE Training website: www.tafe.mckkrs.com.au

13.1.16  The student must provide honest verbal and written feedback to help McKkr’s TAFE Training in continuous improvement. Such feedbacks will also include Learner Engagement questionnaire. Any such feedback will also be made available to Hunter TAFE in Australia to identify any opportunities for improvement.

13.2 McKkr's TAFE Training’s responsibilities and obligations

13.2.1 Timely provision of information on Course Fees and Additional Costs

13.2.2 The effective administration, and implementation of policies and associated procedures

13.2.3 The monitoring, evaluation and review of policies on an ongoing basis

13.2.4 Updating policies on the website within a reasonable time, when any information contained in or referred to in this document has been updated or changed.

13.2.5 In the unlikely event that Hunter TAFE is unable to deliver the agreed course in full, the student will be offered a refund of all the tuition fees paid to date. Alternatively, the student may be offered enrolment in an alternative course at no extra cost to:

- the student except for the balance of the fees and charges payable if the abandoned course had continued. If an alternative course

- is offered, the student has the right to choose whether he/she would prefer a full refund of course fees, or to accept a place in another course.

13.2.6 Provide the students with the same level of instruction and educational services as normally provided to other students.

13.2.7 Monitor the welfare of the student and provide counselling and ongoing support while the student is enrolled.

13.2.8 Appoint one or more staff members to act as the point of contact for students who have access to up-to-date information of McKkr’s TAFE Training’s support services for students. No Obligation – McKkr’s TAFE Training does not represent or guarantee that the student will:

- Be accepted for enrolment

- Successfully complete studies undertaken

- Gain entry into further tertiary studies in their home country or overseas

14. Information regarding a disability

14.1 Information about your disability is requested to establish whether you require the provision of additional services or facilities not required by students who do not have a disability.

14.2 After consideration of your requirements, if the provision of these facilities would impose ‘unjustifiable hardship’, for example, a very high cost on McKkr’s TAFE Training, your enrolment may be refused or additional fees may apply.

15. Learner Identification and Privacy of Information

15.1 The student acknowledges that McKkr’s TAFE Training will need to verify the identity and contact details of each student and will disclose this information to Hunter TAFE in Australia. By signing this Terms and Conditions document, the student gives McKkr’s TAFE Training the consent to disclose any personal information available with McKkr’s TAFE Training to Hunter TAFE in Australia including but not limited to enrolment information, student identity, contact details, attendance and course progression.

15.2 Your personal information may also need to be disclosed to relevant Government departments and authorities. By signing this Terms and Conditions document, the student gives McKkr’s TAFE Training the consent to disclose any personal information available with McKkr’s TAFE Training to Government departments, authorities and regulating bodies.

15.3 In relation to any personal information McKkr’s TAFE Training collects and/or holds in relation to the student’s enrolment, McKkr’s TAFE Training will comply with its privacy policy and with the privacy policy of Hunter TAFE under the Privacy Act 1988 of Australia.

16. Pathways to higher education

16.1 If you are seeking to study in a university in Australia after completing Diploma at McKkr’s TAFE Training in India, you understand and agree that applying to a university and securing your enrolment in the university in a bachelor degree course of your choice is your responsibility and McKkr’s TAFE Training will not be held responsible for that.

16.2 Applying for a student visa after completion of course in India is student’s responsibility.

16.3 McKkr’s TAFE Training may assist students in their application to a university in Australia in a bachelor degree course of their choice. However, McKkr’s TAFE Training cannot guarantee a successful enrolment in a university and as such it is students’ responsibility to secure enrolment.

16.4 It is expected that completion of Diploma programs at McKkr’s TAFE Training in India will provide credits/ advanced standing in a relevant bachelor degree course in a university in Australia. However, the number of credits awarded will differ from university to university and will also depend upon the units completed in the Diploma and their relevance to the subjects in the bachelor degree course chosen.

16.5 The student must be aware that the Diploma qualification of Hunter TAFE in Australia may not be recognised in India for the purpose of Government job and further studies

16.6 The student must be aware that a Bachelor degree program overseas using Diploma qualification gained at McKkr’s TAFE Training in India may not be recognised in India for the purpose of Government job and further higher studies at Master level.

17. Complaints

17.1 In the event of a dispute, a Complaints policy and procedure are in place to facilitate a resolution to the matter. The Complaints policy does not circumscribe the students’ rights to pursue other legal remedies. A copy of the McKkr’s TAFE Training Complaints policy will be provided during induction and will be available on our website.

18. Glossary

18.1 Additional Costs – course costs over and above the Course Fees as determined by McKkr's TAFE Training and advised to the student prior to or at the time of enrolment or when applicable.

18.2 Course/Qualification – words used interchangeably that define all training provided by McKkr's TAFE Training on behalf of Hunter TAFE.

18.3 Unit of Competency (UoC) – define the skills and knowledge and the standard required to be proficient in a learning skill set

18.4 Census Date – two weeks from the date of commencement of the course


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