Fees and Refund Policy

Fees and Refund policy 

1. Policy statement

This policy informs McKkr's TAFE Training students of their obligations with regard to Student Fees and Additional Costs, and of eligibility requirements for refunds.

2. Scope

This policy applies to students enrolled with McKkr's TAFE Training in India

3. Fees and Refunds

3.1 Fees:

3.1.1 The course fees of four lakhs for all Diploma qualifications shall be paid in four equal instalments of 1 lakh each

3.1.2 The first instalment will need to be paid in order to confirm enrolment and receive the full Offer Letter.

3.1.3 Students can avail 10% discount on the total fees if the complete course fees is paid upfront – Rs 4 Lacs for Diploma programs.

3.1.4 McKkr's TAFE Traning students will be charged the applicable fee as determined and advised at the time of enrolment

3.1.5 An Academic year is divided into four Terms of three months each. Two Terms make up a Semester

3.1.6 Nonpayment of fees or failure to agree suitable terms of payment will result in:

- assessments not being processed; or

- certificates and transcripts not being released; and/or

- physical access to the course being denied;

3.1.8 Full payment of fees must be finalised before completion of the Units of Competency

3.1.9 The fees covers the student’s first attempt at the Units of Competency, and separate additional fees will be charged for any subsequent attempts as determined by McKkr's TAFE Traning and advised to students

3.1.10 McKkr's TAFE Traning has a policy of cashless enrolment at all times and will NOT accept cash as a means of paying fees or any other enrolment-related charges. Fees can only be paid by Direct Bank Transfer:

Account Name:
McKkr’s TAFE Training Pvt Ltd

Indian Overseas Bank

Account no:

IFSC Code:

 Please quote full name and campus you wish to enroll as reference when doing the fund transfer and send the proof of payment to tafe@mckkrs.com

3.2 Refunds:

3.2.1 90% refund is payable if the student withdraws at least 4 weeks prior to commencement of the Term

3.2.2 50% refund is payable if the student withdraws between 4 weeks prior to the commencement of the Term and the census date of the relevant qualification, which is two weeks from the commencement date

3.2.3 no refund is payable if the student withdraws after the census date

3.2.4 If for any reason the management cancels a course it will refund the full costs paid by the student

3.2.5 Refunds will normally be paid by cheque within 28 days of authorisation of refund

3.2.6 Student must complete the qualification within 3 years of enrolment, else all fees paid will lapse

4. Responsibilities and delegations

4.1 Students

4.1.1 Making required payment for fees and additional costs by the due date/s; and

4.1.2 Providing formal written notice of withdrawal and request for refund, if applicable

4.2 McKkr's TAFE

4.2.1 The provision of information on Course Fees and Additional Costs

4.2.2 The effective administration, and implementation of this policy and associated procedures

4.2.3 The monitoring, evaluation and review of this policy on an ongoing basis

4.2.4 Updating this policy on the website within a reasonable time, when any information contained in or referred to in this document has been updated or changed.

5. Glossary

Additional Costs – course costs over and above the Course Fee as determined by McKkr's TAFE Traning and advised to the student prior to or at the time of enrolment or when applicable.

Course/ Qualification – words used interchangeably that define all training provided by McKkr's TAFE Traning.

Unit of Competency (UoC) – define the particular skills and knowledge and the standard required to be proficient in a learning skill set

Census Date – two weeks from the date of commencement of the course

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